For Hammered Dulcimer

Composer John Sullivan Dwight
Arr. and Trans. Franz Xaver Gruber
Key Versions in both G and D
Range 15/14 and 17/16/8.
Difficulty Intermediate
Copyright © 2001 by Mark Alan Wade
Information about this piece...

"I used to sing Silent Night with my mom on the long car rides to my grandparentsí farm in West Virginia. On one ride, we had also sung Lullaby, and it struck me that they fit together and we starting singing them together ever since. Itís the perfect combination for the Lullaby to the King of Kings. This arrangement is a simplified version of the one from my Silver Bells CD."

You can watch a video of Mark playing this arrangement by clicking here.

  • Large Print
  • 2 Arrangements: one in G for 15/14 range instruments, and one in D for larger instruments.
  • No page turns!
  • Works great as a duet with one player playing the Lullaby and the other playing Silent Night.
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Mark performing "Silent Night"