For Hammered Dulcimer

Composer Traditional
Arr. and Trans. Mark Alan Wade
Range 15/14. E3 to E6 with modifications for smaller instruments
Difficulty Intermediate
Copyright 2019 by Mark Alan Wade
Information about this piece...

The melody of The Holly and the Ivy is only eight measures long not a lot of material to work with. I composed an introduction that comes back as an interlude between verses and eventually morphs into Dona Nobis Pacem. After going through several transformations in G major and E minor, a melodic sequence on the end of the Holly and the Ivy leads us into Dona Nobis Pacem in E major. Then The Holly and the Ivy returns triumphantly in A major to end the piece. As written, this arrangement takes approximately two and a half minutes to perform.


  • Large Print
  • For 15/14 range instruments and modified for chromatic instruments like 16/15Cs
  • Guitar chords provided
  • Sounds full and lush even though it is the easiest of my Christmas selections.
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Mark performing "Holly and the Ivy / Dona Nobis Pacem"