Holly and the Ivy / Dona Nobis Pacem

For Hammered Dulcimer

Composer Traditional
Arr. and Trans. Mark Alan Wade
Range 15/14. E3 to E6 with modifications for smaller instruments
Difficulty Intermediate
Copyright © 2019 by Mark Alan Wade
Information about this piece...

The melody of The Holly and the Ivy is only eight measures long – not a lot of material to work with. I composed an introduction that comes back as an interlude between verses and eventually morphs into Dona Nobis Pacem. After going through several transformations in G major and E minor, a melodic sequence on the end of the Holly and the Ivy leads us into Dona Nobis Pacem in E major. Then The Holly and the Ivy returns triumphantly in A major to end the piece. As written, this arrangement takes approximately two and a half minutes to perform.


  • Large Print
  • For 15/14 range instruments and modified for chromatic instruments like 16/15Cs
  • Guitar chords provided
  • Sounds full and lush even though it is the easiest of my Christmas selections.
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Mark performing "Holly and the Ivy / Dona Nobis Pacem"