Copyright 2000 by Mark Alan Wade

Way Over the Waterfall takes traditional tunes to a new dimension of artistry with jazzy improvisations and tasty embellishments. Featured on this CD is Alex De Pue, 1999 National Fiddle Champion (Winfield), Mark Kreis and other great musicians.
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Track Listing

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  1. Over the Waterfall
  2. WAY Over The Waterfall
  3. Billy Bob's Blackberry Blossom Boogie
  4. Kentucky Waltz
  5. Lime Green Sleeves
  6. Polyester Dances
  7. Wrongs of Man
  8. Eatin' Green Wood
  9. Chanter's Tune
  10. Danny Boyz
  11. Flight of the Bumble Bee-Bop
  12. Stranger than Wayfarers
  13. Left Wing