Live Online Lessons

Private lessons catered to YOU from the convenience of your home! Online lessons work just like a face to face lesson. We set goals and work to achieve them. I can see and hear you and you can see and hear me in HD 1080P. Isn't technology wonderful?

Experience Benefitting You

Dr. Wade began his music education with private lessons and received a full music scholarship to Ohio Wesleyan University where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Education. After teaching public school in Ohio, Texas, and South Carolina, he returned to Ohio. He received his Master of Music Degree and Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Trumpet Performance from The Ohio State University. His experience teaching music to students ranging from kindergarten to graduate school makes him adept at adapting his approach to each individual student. Mark enjoys teaching beginners and professionals alike.


Use my contact page to email me with your availability and any questions you might have.



I can take all major credit cards during your lesson or PayPal invoice you. Both options afford you security over your transactions. You may also send a personal check through the mail if you prefer.

What You'll Need


I primarily use zoom, but can Skype, FaceTime, FaceBook Messenger Calls, and Google Hangouts. We'll confirm which method you prefer when we exchange emails. We just set up a time and I call you when it's your lesson time. Easy!

You also need a decent internet connection. If you have a dial up modem, these probably aren't a good idea. Otherwise, you'll be fine.

Optional Hardware

You can use your cellphone, an iPad or Table, or even your computer. Obviously, the bigger the better for seeing what I demonstrate, but my clients use any and all of these.

If using a tablet or phone, I highly recommend these gooseneck phone/tablet holders. They hook on just about anything and easily let you move your device from watching me to showing me using your camera. And they're quite affordable!

Gooseneck iPad Stand Holder / Adjustable Tablet Holder Mount (

If using a webcam or a camera on a microphone stand, I like this product. It lets you turn your mic stand into a camera holder.

Video Camera/Digital Recorder Adapter (

Web Camera

Optional but highly recommended. These give you better flexibility during calls so I can see your technique better.

Good: Widescreen HD Webcam (

Better: HD Pro Webcam (

Note: because these are high def, they take up more band width and your video quality may suffer if you have a slower internet speed.