Playing With An Irish Accent

Session Tunes and Ornamentation - For Hammered Dulcimer

(All Levels)

This book answers the question, "Why doesn't it sound Irish even when I play all the right notes?" Clearly there is much more to the Irish style besides its notes and rhythms. The introduction defines the style traits of authentic Irish music, dance tune characteristics, traditional instruments, and common modal scales used. Perhaps most importantly, this book elucidates the idiosyncratic Irish ornaments that give the tunes their authentic accent. These are subsequently presented for practice in a treasury of tunes that are common in Irish sessions but unknown to most dulcimer players. For ease of reading the tunes apply the ornamentations and present them in standard music notation. In no time you will be playing with an Irish accent too!

Special Features:

  • LARGE PRINT sheet music
  • Chords provided
  • Music is printed in 4 bar phrases for ease of reading
  • See ornaments applied in the tunes!

Playing With An Irish Accent


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Table of Contents