Easy Does It!

The Professor Series for Hammered Dulcimer, Volume 1 - For Hammered Dulcimer

(All Levels)

  • A music professor's approach to simplifying music.

  • Easy versions of popular fiddle tunes!

  • Authentic versions as commonly heard in the U.S. too!

  • LARGE print music for easy reading, learning & playing!

  • Music for all ability levels!

  • All tunes fit on a standard 15/14 dulcimer.

Easy Does It!


Table of Contents

  • Foreword

  • Chart of the Dulcimer Note Names

  • Songs

    • John Ryan's Polka, (Easy Does It!)
    • John Ryan's Polka
    • Soldier's Joy, (Easy Does It!)
    • Soldier's Joy
    • Old Joe Clark, (Easy Does It!)
    • Old Joe Clark
    • June Apple, (Easy Does It!)
    • June Apple
    • Sally Goodin', (Easy Does It!)
    • Sally Goodin'
    • Saint Anne's Reel, (Easy Does It!)
    • Saint Anne's Reel
    • Shenandoah Falls, (Easy Does It!)
    • Shenandoah Falls
    • Whiskey before Breakfast, (Easy Does It!)
    • Whiskey before Breakfast
    • Whiskey before Breakfast, (Alternative)
    • Temperance Reel
    • Temperance Reel, (Intermediate Does It!)
    • Temperance Reel
    • Red Haired Boy, (Easy Does It!)
    • Red Haired Boy
    • Stoney Point, (Easy Does It!)
    • Stoney Point
    • Cherokee Shuffle, (Easy Does It!)
    • Cherokee Shuffle
    • Swinging on a Gate, (Easy Does It!)
    • Swinging on a Gate
    • Sailor's Hornpipe, (Easy Does It!)
    • Sailor's Hornpipe
    • Bill Cheatham, (Easy Does It!)
    • Bill Cheatham
    • Drowsy Maggie, (Easy Does It!)
    • Drowsy Maggie