15 Minutes a Day! - Introduction

The purpose of this book was to provide time saving exercises to catapult your playing to the next level. Practicing to perfect the hammered dulcimer without direction is a lot like chopping down a tree with a sledge hammer. You can get the job done, but it will take a long time! The following pages offer much needed direction and serve as a tool shed of sharp practicing axes to cut the tree down faster. The "15 Minutes a Day" concept is not a sales gimmick. By working through this book for 15 minutes every practice session, you will experience noticeable results in your playing, including:

And best of all, as you revisit the old songs that used to cause you to stumble; you will likely find they are not that hard after all! With your newfound experience with the chromatic scale, hopefully you will not be intimidated when you see those black notes appear in your music. You may even find ways to implement chromatic runs into your own arrangements!