Mark's Dulcimers

Cloud Nine Musical Instruments

Cloud Nine Musical Instruments is located in Ostrander, OH.

Mark plays a Cloud Nine 17/16/8 dulcimer.

"My 17/16/8 dulcimer from Cloud Nine has a terrific balance from top to bottom. Featuring a floating sound board, it has a powerful presence that can really bark when I want it to; yet is equally adept at expressive lullabies. Its smart layout of chromatics make even 'The Flight of the Bumble Bee' a cinch! This dulcimer is featured on my WAY Over the Waterfall CD."

Dusty Strings Dulcimers

Dusty Strings is located in Seattle, WA.

Mark plays a Dusty Strings D650 dulcimer.

Master Works Dulcimers

Master Works is located in Bennington, OK.

Mark plays a Master Works DulciForte dulcimer.